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Efficient SMTP relay infrastructure with Postfix and load-balancers

Scalable architecture In order to make your architecture scalable, you may often want to use a load-balancer or an application delivery controller. When using one of them (or a reverse-proxy), the client information is almost all the time hidden. Or … Continue reading

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Enhanced SSL load-balancing with Server Name Indication (SNI) TLS extension

Synopsis Some time ago, we wrote an article which explained how to load-balance SSL services, maintaining affinity using the SSLID. The main limitation of this kind of architecture is that you must dedicate a public IP address and port per … Continue reading

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Send users to the same server for imap and smtp

Synopsis You want to use Aloha load balancer in front of a mail platform, relying on HAProxy to achieve load-balancing. You mail platform delivers IMAP acts as a SMTP relay for your users. You want your users to use the … Continue reading

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