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Web application name to backend mapping in HAProxy

Synopsis Let’s take a web application platform where many HTTP Host header points to. Of course, this platform hosts many backends and HAProxy is used to perform content switching based on the Host header to route HTTP traffic to each … Continue reading

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HAProxy, high mysql request rate and TCP source port exhaustion

Synopsys At HAProxy Technologies, we do provide professional services around HAPRoxy: this includes HAProxy itself, of course, but as well the underlying OS tuning, advice and recommendation about the architecture and sometimes we can also help customers troubleshooting application layer … Continue reading

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Websockets load-balancing with HAProxy

Why Websocket ??? HTTP protocol is connection-less and only the client can request information from a server. In any case, a server can contact a client… HTTP is purely half-duplex. Furthermore, a server can answer only one time to a … Continue reading

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high performance WAF platform with Naxsi and HAProxy

Synopsis I’ve already described WAF in a previous article, where I spoke about WAF scalability with apache and modsecurity. One of the main issue with Apache and modsecurity is the performance. To address this issue, an alternative exists: naxsi, a … Continue reading

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Scalable WAF protection with HAProxy and Apache with modsecurity

Greeting to Thomas Heil, from our German partner Olanis, for his help in Apache and modsecurity configuration assistance. What is a Web Application Firewall (WAF)? Years ago, it was common to protect networks using a firewall… Well known devices which … Continue reading

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