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Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Load-Balancing

Microsoft Remote Desktop services (RDS) Remote Desktop Services, formerly Terminal Services, is a technology from Microsoft that allows users to access remotely to a session-based desktop, virtual machine-based desktop or applications hosted in a datacenter from their corporate network or … Continue reading

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Client IP persistence OR source IP hash load-balancing?

Client or Source IP ??? Well, this is roughly the same! Depends on people, environment, products, etc… I may use both of them in this article, but be aware that both of them points to the IP that is being … Continue reading

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Websockets load-balancing with HAProxy

Why Websocket ??? HTTP protocol is connection-less and only the client can request information from a server. In any case, a server can contact a client… HTTP is purely half-duplex. Furthermore, a server can answer only one time to a … Continue reading

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HAProxy log customization

Synopsis One of the strength of HAProxy is its logging system. It is very verbose and provides many information. HAProxy HTTP log line is briefly explained in an HAProxy Technologies memo. It’s a must have document when you have to … Continue reading

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Application Delivery Controller and ecommerce websites

Synopsis Today, almost any ecommerce website uses a load-balancer or an application delivery controller in front of it, in order to improve its availability and reliability. In today’s article, I’ll explain how we can take advantage of ADCs’ layer 7 … Continue reading

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HAProxy, Varnish and the single hostname website

As explained in a previous article, HAProxy and Varnish are two great OpenSource software which aim to improve performance, resilience and scalability of web applications. We saw also that these two softwares are not competitors. Instead of that, they can … Continue reading

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load balancing, affinity, persistence, sticky sessions: what you need to know

Synopsis To ensure high availability and performance of Web applications, it is now common to use a load-balancer. While some people uses layer 4 load-balancers, it can be sometime recommended to use layer 7 load-balancers to be more efficient with … Continue reading

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