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binary health check with HAProxy 1.5: php-fpm/fastcgi probe example

Application layer health checking Health checking is the ability to probe a server to ensure the service is up and running. This is one of the root feature of any load-balancer. One can probe servers and services at different layer … Continue reading

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Configuring HAProxy and Nginx for SPDY

Introduction to SPDY / HTTP-bis SPDY is a protocol designed by google which aims to fix HTTP/1.1 protocol weaknesses and to adapt this 14 years old protocol to today’s internet devices and requirements. Back in 1999, when HTTP/1.1 was designed, … Continue reading

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high performance WAF platform with Naxsi and HAProxy

Synopsis I’ve already described WAF in a previous article, where I spoke about WAF scalability with apache and modsecurity. One of the main issue with Apache and modsecurity is the performance. To address this issue, an alternative exists: naxsi, a … Continue reading

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