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Web application name to backend mapping in HAProxy

Synopsis Let’s take a web application platform where many HTTP Host header points to. Of course, this platform hosts many backends and HAProxy is used to perform content switching based on the Host header to route HTTP traffic to each … Continue reading

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HAProxy and sslv3 poodle vulnerability

SSLv3 poodle vulnerability Yesterday, Google security researchers have disclosed a new vulnerability on SSL protocol. Fortunately, this vulnerability is only on an old version of the SSL protocol: SSLv3 (15 years old protocol). An attacker can force a browser to … Continue reading

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Asymmetric routing, multiple default gateways on Linux with HAProxy

Why we may need multiple default gateways? Nowadays, Application Delivery controllers (aka Load-Balancers) become the entry point for all the applications hosted in a company or administration. That said, many different type of population could access the applications:   * internal … Continue reading

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Howto transparent proxying and binding with HAProxy and ALOHA Load-Balancer

Transparent Proxy HAProxy works has a reverse-proxy. Which means it maintains 2 connections when allowing a client to cross it:   – 1 connection between HAProxy and the client   – 1 connection between HAProxy and the server HAProxy then manipulate buffers … Continue reading

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SSL Client certificate information in HTTP headers and logs

HAProxy and SSL HAProxy has many nice features when speaking about SSL, despite SSL has been introduced in it lately. One of those features is the client side certificate management, which has already been discussed on the blog. One thing … Continue reading

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Configure syslog-ng to log readable HTTP URL from HAProxy

This tips is provided by Exosec. Exosec provides a very good monitoring product called POM, based on Nagios with very strong value added such as very simple administration, application monitoring, etc… For some of their project, they use either HAProxy … Continue reading

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Mitigating the SSL Beast attack using the ALOHA Load-Balancer / HAProxy

The beast attack on SSL isn’t new, but we have not yet published an article to explain how to mitigate it with the ALOHA or HAProxy. First of all, to mitigate this attack, you must use the Load-Balancer as the … Continue reading

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