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Apache cdorked backdoor detection

Apache Cdorked.A backdoor This is a pretty recent attack, using Cpanel to change the Apache httpd binary by a compromised one which embeds a backdoor. A few articles with more details are available here:   * http://www.welivesecurity.com/2013/04/26/linuxcdorked-new-apache-backdoor-in-the-wild-serves-blackhole/   * http://blog.sucuri.net/2013/04/apache-binary-backdoors-on-cpanel-based-servers.html It seems … Continue reading

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wordpress CMS brute force protection with HAProxy

Brute force attacks Brute force is a pretty simple type of attacks: it consists of massively send requests to a URL with different parameter each time. The main purpose is to try to find the right parameter combination. Usually, brute … Continue reading

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high performance WAF platform with Naxsi and HAProxy

Synopsis I’ve already described WAF in a previous article, where I spoke about WAF scalability with apache and modsecurity. One of the main issue with Apache and modsecurity is the performance. To address this issue, an alternative exists: naxsi, a … Continue reading

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Scalable WAF protection with HAProxy and Apache with modsecurity

Greeting to Thomas Heil, from our German partner Olanis, for his help in Apache and modsecurity configuration assistance. What is a Web Application Firewall (WAF)? Years ago, it was common to protect networks using a firewall… Well known devices which … Continue reading

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HTTP request flood mitigation

In a recent article, we saw how we can use a load-balancer as a first row of defense against DDOS. The purpose of the present article to provide a configuration to protect your applications against HTTP request flood. The configuration … Continue reading

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Use a load-balancer as a first row of defense against DDOS

We’ve seen recently more and more DOS and DDOS attacks. Some of them were very big, requiring thousands of computers… But in most cases, this kind of attacks are made by a few computers aiming to make a service or … Continue reading

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Web traffic limitation

Synopsis For different reason, we may want to limit the number of connections or the number of requests we allow to a web farm. In example: give more capacity to authenticated users compared to anonymous one limit web farm users … Continue reading

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