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Howto write apache ProxyPass* rules in HAProxy

Apache mod_proxy Apache webserver is a widely deployed modular web server. One of its module is called mod_proxy. It aims to turn the web server into a proxy / reverse proxy server with load-balancing capabilities. At HAProxy Technologies, we only … Continue reading

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SSL Client certificate information in HTTP headers and logs

HAProxy and SSL HAProxy has many nice features when speaking about SSL, despite SSL has been introduced in it lately. One of those features is the client side certificate management, which has already been discussed on the blog. One thing … Continue reading

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Apache cdorked backdoor detection

Apache Cdorked.A backdoor This is a pretty recent attack, using Cpanel to change the Apache httpd binary by a compromised one which embeds a backdoor. A few articles with more details are available here:   * http://www.welivesecurity.com/2013/04/26/linuxcdorked-new-apache-backdoor-in-the-wild-serves-blackhole/   * http://blog.sucuri.net/2013/04/apache-binary-backdoors-on-cpanel-based-servers.html It seems … Continue reading

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HAProxy and gzip compression

Synopsis Compression is a Technic to reduce object size to reduce delivery delay for objects over HTTP protocol. Until now, HAProxy did not include such feature. But the guys at HAProxy Technologies worked hard on it (mainly David Du Colombier … Continue reading

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Scalable WAF protection with HAProxy and Apache with modsecurity

Greeting to Thomas Heil, from our German partner Olanis, for his help in Apache and modsecurity configuration assistance. What is a Web Application Firewall (WAF)? Years ago, it was common to protect networks using a firewall… Well known devices which … Continue reading

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Protect Apache against “apache killer” script

What is Apache killer? Apache killer is a script which aims to exploit an Apache Vulnerability. Basically, it makes Apache to fill up the /tmp directory which makes the webserver unstable. Who is concerned? Anybody running a website on Apache. … Continue reading

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Implement HTTP keepalive without killing your apache server

Synopsis This howto will explain you how you can use your Aloha LoadBalancer to implement HTTP Keepalive and save resources on your server at the same time. What is HTTP KeepAlive? In early version of HTTP protocol, clients used to … Continue reading

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