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Web application name to backend mapping in HAProxy

Synopsis Let’s take a web application platform where many HTTP Host header points to. Of course, this platform hosts many backends and HAProxy is used to perform content switching based on the Host header to route HTTP traffic to each … Continue reading

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HAProxy advanced Redis health check

Introduction Redis is an opensource nosql database working on a key/value model. One interesting feature in Redis is that it is able to write data to disk as well as a master can synchronize many slaves. HAProxy can load-balance Redis … Continue reading

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Configure syslog-ng to log readable HTTP URL from HAProxy

This tips is provided by Exosec. Exosec provides a very good monitoring product called POM, based on Nagios with very strong value added such as very simple administration, application monitoring, etc… For some of their project, they use either HAProxy … Continue reading

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HAProxy, high mysql request rate and TCP source port exhaustion

Synopsys At HAProxy Technologies, we do provide professional services around HAPRoxy: this includes HAProxy itself, of course, but as well the underlying OS tuning, advice and recommendation about the architecture and sometimes we can also help customers troubleshooting application layer … Continue reading

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Websockets load-balancing with HAProxy

Why Websocket ??? HTTP protocol is connection-less and only the client can request information from a server. In any case, a server can contact a client… HTTP is purely half-duplex. Furthermore, a server can answer only one time to a … Continue reading

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HAProxy and gzip compression

Synopsis Compression is a Technic to reduce object size to reduce delivery delay for objects over HTTP protocol. Until now, HAProxy did not include such feature. But the guys at HAProxy Technologies worked hard on it (mainly David Du Colombier … Continue reading

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Quand le marketing dépense des sous qui ne vont pas à l’innovation

Pas facile le load-balancing ! J’ai d’ordinaire un très grand respect pour nos concurrents, que je qualifie plutôt de confrères et qu’il m’est même déjà arrivé d’aider en privé pour au moins deux d’entre eux. Etant à l’origine du répartiteur … Continue reading

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