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Quand le marketing dépense des sous qui ne vont pas à l’innovation

Pas facile le load-balancing ! J’ai d’ordinaire un très grand respect pour nos concurrents, que je qualifie plutôt de confrères et qu’il m’est même déjà arrivé d’aider en privé pour au moins deux d’entre eux. Etant à l’origine du répartiteur … Continue reading

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Hypervisors virtual network performance comparison from a Virtualized load-balancer point of view

Introduction At HAProxy Technologies, we edit and sell a Load-Balancer appliance called ALOHA (stands for Application Layer Optimisation and High-Availability). A few month ago, we managed to make it run on the most common hypervisors available: VMWare (ESX, vsphere) Citrix … Continue reading

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Scaling out SSL

Synopsis We’ve seen recently how we could scale up SSL performance. But what about scaling out SSL performance? Well, thanks to Aloha and HAProxy, it’s easy to manage smartly a farm of SSL accelerator servers, using persistence based on the … Continue reading

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Benchmarking SSL performance

Introduction The story Recently, there has been some attacks against website which aimed to steal user identity. In order to protect their users, major website owners had to find a solution. Unfortunately, we know that sometimes, improving security means downgrading performance. … Continue reading

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