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Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Load-Balancing

Microsoft Remote Desktop services (RDS) Remote Desktop Services, formerly Terminal Services, is a technology from Microsoft that allows users to access remotely to a session-based desktop, virtual machine-based desktop or applications hosted in a datacenter from their corporate network or … Continue reading

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HAProxy 1.6-dev1 and LUA

HAProxy 1.6-dev1 Yesterday, Willy has released HAProxy 1.6-dev1: ANNOUNCE HAProxy 1.6-dev1. This version contains many new features and core improvements. Amongst the new features, one is LUA, contributed by Thierry (HAProxy Technologies developer). NOTE: We invite everyone to download and … Continue reading

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A HTTP monitor which matches multiple conditions in HAProxy

Load-Balancing and health checking Health checking is the method to check a service availability on a server. It is one of the most important feature of a load-balancer. How could we balance traffic amongst servers if we don’t know if … Continue reading

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Web application name to backend mapping in HAProxy

Synopsis Let’s take a web application platform where many HTTP Host header points to. Of course, this platform hosts many backends and HAProxy is used to perform content switching based on the Host header to route HTTP traffic to each … Continue reading

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HAProxy and sslv3 poodle vulnerability

SSLv3 poodle vulnerability Yesterday, Google security researchers have disclosed a new vulnerability on SSL protocol. Fortunately, this vulnerability is only on an old version of the SSL protocol: SSLv3 (15 years old protocol). An attacker can force a browser to … Continue reading

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Mitigating the shellshock vulnerability with HAProxy

Bash Shellshock vulnerability (CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169) Last week, a vulnerability in bash has been discovered. It is possible, under some circumstances, to inject code into a bash shell script. It could be very dangerous if bash is used to process … Continue reading

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binary health check with HAProxy 1.5: php-fpm/fastcgi probe example

Application layer health checking Health checking is the ability to probe a server to ensure the service is up and running. This is one of the root feature of any load-balancer. One can probe servers and services at different layer … Continue reading

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