IIS 6.0 appsession cookie and PCI compliance


You’re using HAProxy or the ALOHA Load-Balancer to load-balance IIS 6.0 web applications and you want them to pass successfully PCI compliance test.
One of the pre-requisite is to force the cookie to be “HttpOnly”, in order to tell the browser to use this cookie for HTTP requests only, and “protect” it from local javascript access (to steal session information).
Unfortunately, II 6.0 is not able to setup such cookies. That’s why HAProxy can be used to update the cookie on the fly, when setup by the application server.

Rewriting appsession Cookie with HAProxy

Place the configuration line below in your backend configuration:

rspirep ^Set-Cookie:\ (appsession.*)    Set-Cookie:\ \1;\ HttpOnly

Now, you’re application is “more” secured… Well, at least, you can successfully pass the PCI compliancy tests!


About Baptiste Assmann

Aloha Product Manager HAProxy consultant
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